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Freeflow Pipesystems is a DWI (Drinking Water Inspectorate) approved applicator of Fusion Bonded Epoxy Scothchkote 206N

Scotchkote 206N is a DWI approved product and is a one-part, heat curable, thermosetting powdered epoxy coating that provides maximum corrosion protection of line pipe and fittings.

The epoxy is applied to preheated steel as a dry powder which melts and cures to form a continuous, insulative corrosion barrier.

This bonding process provides excellent adhesion and coverage on pipes, fittings and other equipment. The coating is resistant to corrosive soils, hydrocarbons, harsh chemicals and sea water.

The epoxy coating is unaffected by soil forces and is highly resistant to moisture penetration, bacteria and fungus attack, soil acids, alkalies and salts and other chemicals associated with underground and underwater use.

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